The F.O.N.D.A Protocol

We’re open this week for the first time in two long months. And things are different now. But we will manage and thrive in this new era thanks to . . .
The F.O.N.D.A Protocol:

F: Feel free to call – Whether it’s placing a drink order, asking for movies to be held, or inquiring about anything else, PLEASE drop us a line before venturing to the shop ( 617 522 4949 )

O: Observing safety guidelines – We’re going to do everything we can to maintain safety in the store, and we need you to do the same on your way to the store, while making purchases and exchanges, and on your way home. Space helmet optional.

N: New hours – We’re going to be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. everyday (including Sundays) until further notice. We’ve been told it’s “a way to make a living.”

D: Doors will not be entered – The front door will only be used as a service window until further notice. No one enters, no one touches anything, no one sneezes, everyone wins.

A: Acquire a gift card – Purchasing a digital gift card will expedite transactions and even further limit contact via cash/cards/door openings: